Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Cards are Ready

Here are a couple of my sister's Christmas cards that we worked on this past weekend. She did all the cutting and embossing. I did the little sentiment stamp. Then we formed an assembly line around the table and put the cards together. They really turned out cute I think!

Yesterday we had snow...Christmas can't be far away, right?!

This card was crafted entirely by my 14 year old daughter. I think I have a talented card-maker on my hands!

 It's so great to share this fun hobby with my favorite girls!!


  1. Brrr, snow already? We have had plenty of cold this week, but no snow yet. Love your daughter's card, super Kitty cute.

  2. @ Beth...Yes, snow but it didn't stick...time to get the snowplow out of the back of the garage. Have a great Halloween!

  3. I love it...LOOOOOOOVE Hello Kitty.

  4. I think you're right. You have a very talented 14 year old there. How cute a card. Tell her very nice job!!