Sunday, March 6, 2011

Disney Album

Today I helped my daughter make her little brother a birthday gift for his 7th birthday.  She thought he would like an album of photos from our recent trip to Disney World. It turned out really nice-she did a great job! This was my first mini album with the mini Your Story binder. It worked well and was so easy!

We used Cricut Disney Font to cut out the letters and logo on the front cover. She added some stickers as well. I'm sure Jason will love it. He loves to look at our pictures from the trip and this will be his very own book. I'm off to Kansas City for business on Tuesday and won't be home until 11:00 at night on his birthday so I hope this little book will be a nice surprise for him. We'll do a big party the next day-Happy Birthday to my favorite little guy!!!


  1. Fun times! I hate it when I have to be gone on my kiddos birthdays...I missed my daughter's first birthdy because of work....but, that is the way it goes sometimes. I hope your travels are fun and safe. Enjoy!


  2. Great looking book. Good job you two! Sorry you have to miss his birthday, I think extra xxoo (and maybe ice cream) will make up for it.