Friday, March 23, 2012

M is for Mickey

Wow-it feels great to have finally made some time to complete a few projects and pages! This is a photo tray from 7 Gypsies that I decorated using my photos from our latest trip to Disney World. It was so fun to do. I have to say that I looked at many examples and 'scraplifted' a couple ideas. I had to jumpstart my rusty craft-brain. I was fun to relive the trip in talking about all the pictures with all the girls at the retreat.

We had a great time at our scrapbook retreat at Grand Pines Resort. The weather was so beatiful it was difficult to stay indoors. This is not your typical March in northern Wisconsin. We are usually buried in snow with 30 degrees. This past weekend is was 80 degrees!!! No snow and sunshine. We don't know what to do with really feels like May. I know it can't last, but it sure was fun. 

This is the view form my table(you can see my scrapbook paper and computer in the foreground so you can see I was trying to work.) Of course, we had to try out the picnic tables for a little wine and snacks in the afternoon. :)

Here is a view from the deck looking in at night. My sister is on the right, and my little boy came down and worked on his own Disney scrapbook on Saturday  night. We had a great time!

Happy Spring!!



  1. Wow! That resort looks awesome Paula! So jealous. I like your tray too! My daughter got me one for my birthday but I have yet to do it. It is in the plan. Thank you for your nice comments on my tags. I highly recommend you taking Chemistry 101 online with Tim. It is funa and well worth a lot of information.

  2. Yes I do use glossy paper by sure not to use glossy photo as it is not the same thing. I love the way alcohol inks ink on glossy paper. I have finally opened my etsy shop! I haven't loaded all my thinks yet but I am getting it started at least. Come visit my shop sometime at:

  3. Thank you Paula for making my etsy shop one of your "favorites." I actually had a my first sale today! Woo Hoo! It is exciting but it does take some work to keep up with it. Come visit any time and enjoy etsy! I know I never knew just how big it was until I looked into opening a shop. Lots of fun things!

  4. Great pictures; your wall is very beautifully decorated!;)