Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Mantelscape

It's been a busy summer! I stated adding things to my mantel in the spring with the intention of coming up with a very purposeful design for my mantel. 

Well, it never got there, but I like the 'collected' look that I ended up with.
The most recent addition is the starfish garland that I found at Michael's for $5. Most of the items have been gathered over time and I no longer remember where they came from. 
The cute printable is from Simple Crafter. The monkey knots were made by my sister. 
Rocks are from Lake Superior.
A view form the end of the green bee catcher glass. You can see instructions for the paint chip art here.

Hope everyone enjoys August-our last month of summer-it does go by so quickly. 
But summer is followed by fall...my absolute favorite time of year!

Happy Summer everyone!


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  1. What a wonderful summery mantle! I love it! I finally posted wedding pictures and bathroom remodeling pictures. Come check them out! I do have one more bathroom that is getting remodeled and then maybe I will finally get back to crafting normally!!!!! I