Monday, January 24, 2011

Go Pack Go!

Since I am from Wisconsin I have to say, "Yay Packers!!!"
There was a lot excitment around my house yesterday!

My son, who is 6, has been bugging me to put something that he has made on my blog. (I have posted a couple of my daughters cards in the past.) He loves birds, and has quite a flock in his room, and he loves the Packers. All during the game yesterday he worked on making his favorite birds team jerseys.
Here he is with his whole "team".

He made home and away jerseys.
Here is an owl in the throwback jersey.

I have seen a couple of challenges for me to work on this week, so I will be getting back to scrapping/card posts soon! Until then, thanks for following me and for sharing all your kind comments!



  1. such a creative son you got.hey you did a cute job on those jerseys the green bay team has more fans with those birds.

  2. This is really cute! I love it. My kids always want me to put their projects on my blog too!

  3. This is just so sweet! Please tell your son that somebody in Canada thinks he did a FANTASTIC job!!

  4. This is so cute and creative! Tell him TFS the Jerseys do the Packers!